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Hello! Welcome to my world :)

I am Sameer, 1st year Ph.D. student at Rio Yokota Lab in Tokyo Insitute of Technology. My current research interests are High Performance Computing, Distributed Linear Algebra and Low Rank Approximation. In particular I am interested in better understanding and analysis of parallel programs of MPI+X programming paradigms and run-time based execution systems for linear algebra kernels using low rank approximation.

I think this is an important problem to solve since gaining analytical insights into program behaviour of memory-bound kernels using low rank approximation can allow us to better design future exascale systems and run these algorithms more efficiently on current systems. I execute most of my experiments on the Japanese ABCI and TSUBAME supercomputers.

I have been an avid contributor to open source libraries since the past few years. I am currently contributing to PyTorch, and in the past have led and maintained several scientific computing libraries such as nmatrix, daru, rubex and rubyplot for the Ruby Programming Language as part of the Ruby Science Foundation, a FOSS organization dedicated to promoting and maintaining scientific computing infrastructure for Ruby. I have also mentored several students as part of Google Summer of Code and love writing technical blogs like this one.

In a previous life I also played the bass guitar for Cat Kamikazee, and did an India tour and released an EP, which you can hear on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube.

In my spare time I love to read books, go on hikes, learn Japanese or hang out with friends.

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Current development setup

  • Editor: emacs.
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04.
  • Monitor: EIZO FlexScan 27 EV2750-WT.
  • Keyboard: Ergodox EZ Shine.
  • Laptop: Asus K401U.
  • Headphones: Audio-technica ATH-M40x.