I’m currently searching for master’s degree courses in various colleges in Japan and USA. I want to pursue a Computer Science degree specializing in distributed systems. Searching for the right graduate degree courses can get depressing. Here I’m posting various links and leads that I came across through the course of my search.

5 August 2016

Searching for options in Japan and started with University of Tokyo. Most of their courses seem to be in Japanese but there are a few in English as well. This page has some starting info about the English courses. Also found a collection of colleges here.

So apparently the process for getting into a Japanese college for Master’s can take two paths. The first is like so:

  1. Talk to a professor and gain a research assistantship with him/her.
  2. Give an exam and enroll for a 2 year master’s course if you pass that exam.

The second is directly give the exam, but I’m not sure how that can be done since they all appear to be written examinations that are conducted in Japan.

16 August 2016

Having a look at the graudate schools of University of Tokyo, Tokyo Insitute of Technology and Kyoto University today.

University of Tokyo

UoT seems to have some special selection process for international applicants (link), though it’s not useful for me. There’s a decent contact page here. They’ve also put up a check list for applications here.

Tokyo Inst. of Technology

This also has a good graduate program.Tokyo Inst. of Technology has an international graduate program for overseas applicants. The courses seems to be in English mostly. The school of computer science has also participated in the IGP and accept the IGP(A), IGP(B)3 and IGP(C) types of applicants. I seem to be most qualified for the IGP(A) and IGP(C) applications.

The ‘Education Program of Advanced Information Technology Leaders’ seems to be most relevant to my case. This looks like a good PDF to brief about the program.

All the courses require students to arrange for a Tokyo Tech faculty member to serve as their academic supervisor. This handy web application allows you to do that. They also have the MEXT scholarship for outstanding students.

University of Kyoto

Page of dept. of information science.

17 August 2016

Continuing my research on Tokyo Inst. of Technology. The PDF I pointed to yesterday brought out an interesting observation - IGP(A) students and IGP(C) students seem to have different course work.

18 August 2016

It seems the IGP C program at Tokyo Tech. is best for me. I will research that further today. Most probably I’ll need to do a 6 month research assistantship first. Here’s a list of the research groups of the Computer Sci. deptartment at Tokyo Tech.

20 August 2016

Tokyo Inst. of Technology

Found a list of faculties under the IGP(C) program here.

23 August 2016

Had a look at Kyushu Inst. of Technology today. The program for international students looks good.

Also check out scholarship opportunities at Tokyo Inst. of Technology. Links - 1, 2, 3. There are a bunch of scholarships that can be applied to before you enrol in university. Have a look here.

There’s also the MEXT scholarshipfrom the Japanese government.

24 August 2016

Found an interesting FAQ on the UoT website.

Also having a look at JASSO scholarships. Found some great scholarships here.

25 August 2016

Found some scholarships. Also, I can also enrol as a privately funded research student at Tokyo Tech.

This is a PDF that talks about privately funded research students.

Also checking out Keio University today. They have a program for internation graduate students. Have a look here.

I also had a look at the Kyoto University IGP. Here’s a listing of Japanese universities.

28 August 2016

Found a Computer Engineering IGP at Kyoto University, though I still cant find anything related to HPC. This is a link that has some details on admissions.

More details on Tokyo Tech.’s IGP(A) can be found here. This looks like a good resource for curriculum. This has resources for scholarships without recommendation.

29 August 2016

Found a good resource on IGP programs at Tokyo Tech here. Here’s a PPT about IGP(A) in particular. IGP(A) coursework can be found here.

4 November 2016

Posting after quite a while!

I’m currently having a look at Linz University, Austria. I came to know one of the research groups there is really good and are making some solid progress in high performant software.

Here’s the admissions page of the dept. of computer science. Here’s more info on admissions. This is a PDF on the Computer Science degree.

The System Software group looks nice.

25 December 2016

Checking out the Computer Science program at UIC and that at University of Houston.

This is UICs website. This is the detailed PDF of the MS in CS requirements.