Using the a0poster package, you can use Latex for designing reserach posters.

Helpful commands

Various programming constructs


Add variables or new commands using \newcommand. For example \newcommand{\sidel}{6}.


Adding a title to your poster

Simply use a separate set of minipage elements and put the title within those.

Changing fonts of the section headings

Use the titlesec package for this purpose.

A typical configuration for titlesec looks like so:



Overlaying text on an image

Use the ‘overpic’ package for this. This this link for details:

Overpic full docs:

Drawing boxes filled with colors

Simpy define a command crule from the rule command. Definition and usage:


\crule{1cm}{1cm} \crule[blue]{1cm}{1cm} \crule[red!50!white!100]{1cm}{1cm}


Splitting into multiple rows and columns

Using minipage for splitting a document into boxes is recommended. The first argument it accepts decides how the alignment of the minipage will be. t is top-aligned and b is bottom-aligned.

Graphics with tikz

LU decomposition diagram

Drawing two boxes with L & U:

Drawing an arrow between tikzpicture objects:

Dependency graphs

Inspiration can be taken from this state machine tutorial for drawing dependency graphs. Basically put things inside a tikzpicture block. Use the \node command for defining a node and the \path command for connecting these nodes.

Drawing things on pictures

Using tikz one can annonate pictures with various things.


Useful links

  • Getting started PDF:
  • Very good sample template poster: